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Jessica Pletcher


About Me

Hello and welcome to my eFolio page! My eFolio is to tell you a little about myself and my experiences. My name is Jessica Pletcher, from the small town of Plymouth, Indiana and a Business major. I also had the privilege to be a part of the Varsity Girls Soccer Team here at Holy Cross to get the full mind, body, and spirit experience.


The key factors which led to my decision to attend were the smaller student to teacher ratio and the brand new soccer program. With all of these factors combined I knew that this was the best college for me. Holy Cross had the knowledge, tools, and experience that would lead me to succeed.


The theme throughout my eFolio is, "The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain." - Dolly Parton. This quote and idea does not only relate to my experiences at Holy Cross College, but to life itself. I believe that there are always obstacles thrown in your life but, how you handle them to achieve the end result is what makes you who you are.


At the top you will find a number of links to learn more about my education and life experiences. I encourage you to browse through the different links to see how Holy Cross has impacted me and helped me to grow as an individual. Thanks for visiting my eFolio.


Holy Cross Mission Statement

Holy Cross College is a Catholic community of higher education that forms competent minds and courageous hearts for leading purposeful lives. The college advances the apostolic mission of the Brothers of Holy Cross through a practical, experiential, liberal arts curriculum that applies timeless principles to contemporary life in the world

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